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Synapse Digital
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The strength of this configuration is the modular console Synapse the professional broadcast console with the digital audio control which allows in a simple way the expansion of the system, you will be able to connect to analog and digital source simply, it incude also the telephone hybrid modules, for a very high tech and complete radio studio.

The package include professional condenser microphones, professional CD/MP3 player, USB&SD MP3 player/recorder, audio monitors, workstation with Radio Automation software, hedaphones and On Air Light, the amazing Digital Audio Processor Xtreme with MPX coder and RDS generator integrated. The system is totally pre-wired, The broadcast furniture SOLO model complete ideally and professionally your Studio. No specific technical knowledge whatsoever is required to get the package up and running…and go…On Air !

Brochure + technical information:

Synapse Digital


Synapse Digital